Eco Friendly

The Pathway to Greener Solutions

Pest Control With A Conscious

We not only have a passion for protecting people. We love protecting the environment too!

Our Process

1. Method.

Prevention beats all treatment methods. With the right prevention plan no routine pesticide application is needed. We use methods that are target specific so non-target creatures aren’t affected by our practices. We also use mechanical methods wherever possible to control pests with the least environmental impact.

2. Innovation.

Devise creative solutions to protect and improve the environment. Solve complex problems that other companies are not willing to without the use of chemicals. Constantly update our methods with continued education and new technology.

3. Materials.

Choose materials with the least environmental impact and greatest efficiency; low risk, low volatility, low odor and non-permanent. Select materials that target specific and prevent non-target risk.

4. Stewardship.

Reduce waste by prioritizing suppliers committed to environmental sustainability. Learn continuously and change methods when better options are available. Share what we know and protect the environment together.

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