Our technicians are like a team of ants at work. They don’t stop till the job is done!

The combination of easy access points and enticing food make homes a vulnerable place for an ant infestation to occur. Ants enter the home through cracks and crevices in the foundation and around the exterior of the home. While searching for food they look for sugary substances, meats, and grease. They may also be looking for damp rotting wood.

Ants are social insects that live in colonies consisting of a complex yet organized system that, depending on the species, may hold refuge to millions. It is crucial to properly identify the type of ant, where they have built their nest and where they are entering from. Flying ants are commonly mistaken for winged termites. There are a couple ways to distinguish whether you’ve seen a termite or an ant. Termites’ bodies have a straight abdomen where an ant’s abdomen is more trimmed. Termites also have straight antennas. Ants’ antennas are bent.

Lastly the wings of a flying termite are equal in length. Flying ants’ wings are unequal in length. If you think you have termites but can’t distinguish them from ants feel free to give us a call! Our trained professionals will help you in identifying the pest and inspect all high risk areas of your property


Many times, people use an over the counter spray to treat the ants they’ve seen but this can actually do more harm than good and in some instances it can actually make the colony split up forcing them to look for new grounds to relocate. To prevent such a problem we use a combination of baits, sprays and dusts to control and eliminate the infestation. Ant control starts with a proper inspection. When someone sees ants in and around the house they are actually only seeing a small percentage of a much larger problem. We design our ant control programs to treat the entire colony which allows us to guarantee our services.

During the inspection we target all the areas where the ants have been spotted. Once we’ve identified the “hot spots” and type of ant infestation we treat accordingly. Inside we treat the hot spots with low toxic bait that the ants can’t resist! The ants then bring the bait back to the colony and disperse it. This practice allows us to keep the spray outside of your home or business, kill the target pest, and maintain the safest environment indoors.

On the outside we target the area where the ants are entering. We use a transferable spray which the ants can’t detect. They get the spray on their bodies and bring the chemical back to the colony. Ants are extremely clean creatures. They clean themselves and each other often, spreading the treatment throughout the colony. Control should take anywhere from a couple of days to up to two weeks depending on the size of the colony. We guarantee our single service for 60 days and if ants are still spotted within that time we come back to retreat free of charge!

Things To Remember

  • Do not wipe down existing ant trails. Ants leave a pheromone trail so that other ants can follow them to the food source.

  • Keep eating areas as clean as possible. Although our baits are very enticing ants will eat whatever is more readily available.

  • If bait stations need to be moved feel free to place them closer to where the ants are migrating.

  • Lastly feel free to contact as at anytime if you have a question or concern.


DIY Tips

The most effective way to exterminate an infestation is to find the nest and apply an insecticide. You can physically remove the nest, but it's a prickly endeavor we wouldn't recommend.
Want to get rid of ants, but you can't find the nest? Place bait around areas where you have seen ants. Worker ants will bring the bait back to the nest.
Ants are attracted to damp areas. Keep countertops and the area around sinks dry and free from spills.

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