Roaches might be able to survive a nuclear holocaust but they can’t survive us!

Whether cock roaches have invaded your home or have taken over your business Meridian Pest Management has the solutions and knowledge to eliminate your problem as quickly as possible. Our trained technicians will design a customized plan to cater to your unique needs.

We will inspect, identify and target all areas where cockroaches have been spotted. Once we’ve identified the species of cockroach and their harboring locations our technician strategically places baits and monitors.

We also use professional IGR’s (insect growth regulators) in conjunction with the baits and monitoring devices. Insect growth regulators sterilize mature roaches and prevent nymphs, baby roaches, from molting. They also cause the existing roach population to feed more frequently leading to a higher contact rate with our baits.

After the first treatment we will come back in two weeks for the follow up service where we will eliminate all the roaches that have recently hatched from their eggs since the initial treatment does not affect them when they are in their protective casing.

Things To Remember

  • Do not enter any area until the spray has dried. Sprays can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour to dry.

  • Don’t feed the roaches! Keep all areas as sanitized as possible. Roaches will eat pretty much anything so the less they have to eat the more enticed they will be to eat the bait.

  • After the initial service you may spot more roaches than before. The affected roaches will come out during the daytime.

  • Don’t use over the counter sprays to treat after we have treated. These sprays can contaminate baits makes roaches reluctant to ingesting them.

  • Lastly if you have any questions do not hesitate to call us!


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