Our Commitment to high quality service
is like our customer support, 24/7!

Meridian Pest Management creates successful partnerships with residential and commercial clientele by offering superior and innovative integrated pest management solutions. No matter how complex or challenging a pest problem may be, our customers have come to rely on our friendly customer, innovative approaches and quality of our service.

Pests We Treat

◽ Ants ◽ Beatles ◽ Bed Bugs ◽ Carpenter Bees ◽ Centipedes and Millipedes ◽ Crickets
◽ Earwigs Carpenter Ants ◽ Fleas ◽ Hornets ◽ Mice ◽ Mosquitos ◽ Pill Bugs ◽ Rats ◽ Roaches
◽ Silver Fish ◽ Stink Bugs ◽ Stored Product Pests ◽ Termites ◽ Wasps ◽ Ticks

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