Preventive Services

All Year Protection Plan.

Protect what you love, all year round.

No one wants to worry about bugs and rodents invading their homes, so we designed an extremely effective pest prevention plan that will protect your family and keep your home pest free 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our program provides regular scheduled inspections and services.

Every home requires a unique pest control plan. Give us a call today and well come out to inspect at no cost. After, we will give you our professional opinion on what will work best for your home and family!


Pro Power Sprays.

Our power sprays are the real deal when it comes to pest prevention. Some people like the comfort of our All Year Protection Plan since we cover a wide variety of pests and come back whenever needed. At Meridian, we believe in options so we designed our pro power sprays for customers that wanted a one time preventative service either in the spring or fall. When we developed our power sprays we wanted to be able to offer a 60 day guarantee. After a couple adjustments we were able to make that happen.

What To Expect

One of the keys to understand pest control is to understand the life cycles of each insect that we treat for. With that in mind, timing is an important element in an effective preventative power spray. We offer power sprays all year round but the best times to spray are in the late spring, when pest populations start to build up and early fall, when pest populations start to search for warmth and shelter.

Before we treat we will measure out the perimeter of your home, calibrate the spray equipment and measure out the proper amount of product. After taking the right precautions we than start the spraying process. We will spray a protective blanket from the foundation of your house that spans 3-4 feet up and spray the ground cover that touches the house 4 feet out. Once the spray dries it leaves a long lasting residual that will protect your home for the months to come. We’re so confident in our power sprays we back them with a 60 day warranty!

True Termite Prevention Plan.

"We don’t believe in scare tactics. We believe in planning ahead"

If there was one thing we’d want our viewers to get from coming to our website it would be how we stress pest prevention. The tricky part about termites is that an infestation can exist without anyone knowing so by preventing such a thing from happening your already ahead of the game. Being a head of the game is the philosophy we used to design our preventative service.

"Our True Termite Protection Plan can
protect your home for up to ten years!"

What To Expect

Our tech will thoroughly inspect your home for termites and any possible termite damage. Once he declares that an infestation does not exist the technician will than go about planning the treatment for the exterior of the home. This involves calling DIG to get a mark out, mapping out the property for our record book, measuring the perimeter of the house, calibrating the spray rig and measuring the right amount of product. Once the preliminary work is done its time to start!

We start by digging a small trench around the foundation of the house. We than fill the trench up with the number one termiticide on the market, Termidor. Once the liquid is absorbed in the soil we backfill the trench and leave a half inch of untreated top soil.

To access the soil below drive ways and concrete slabs we drill holes and then use a rodding device to pump the termiticide below the ground cover. Everything is timed so that we use the proper amount of chemical at each drill sight. As we go along we also will plug and putty each hole.

The Aftermath

We believe in leaving the exterior of your home in same condition we found it. We grade and level our back fill and plug up each hole with the proper colored concrete mix. After we leave you’ll have a protected home and no one will be able to tell we were even there!

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